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Group Membership Professional Development Package

What Principals Need to Know about IEPs

Ready to take your career to the next level? Our Group Membership/ Professional Development Package is designed with you and your colleagues in mind.

The Council for Exceptional Children (CEC)’s Group Membership/Professional Development Packages are available for groups of five (5) or more professionals from the same school, school district, cooperative, university, or other organization. Choose one level for your group.

Each package includes: 

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From becoming a member to assisting with your membership, groups, event registrations and book orders, we’re here to help.

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Group rates start as low as $115 per person:

To receive preferred pricing, a minimum of five (5) members must join in the same level; fewer than five (5) members will be billed at the standard membership rate. All members in the package must choose the same membership level at the time of application. Payment or purchase order must be provided at the time of registration and must accompany all membership information before membership activation. No additional discounts available for group memberships. 
Level 5 to 10 members 11 to 15 members 16+ members


$185 $175 $165


$135 $120 $115


$115 $115 $115

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